How much will the Pilgrimage cost and how do I register?

The cost for an adult Pilgrim will be $70, and for a young person between 10–19 years of age, the cost will be $25. Please note, a youngster must be accompanied by an older family member or someone designated by the family.

Has my health and safety been taken into account?

Your health and safety on the pilgrimage is a priority for us. We submit our route plans to Tasmania Police and accompany our pilgrims with an ambulance. Amongst those walking will be designated medical personnel. 

Am I covered for illness or injury on the pilgrimage?

The Huon Valley Catholic Parish holds a public liability insurance policy which will cover the pilgrimage. Essentially, this means should you be injured or your property damaged due to proven negligence on our part, then the policy will cover you.

Cover for other injuries, illness or damage remain your responsibility.

What if there is a weather event which threatens the pilgrimage?

In the event of a major disaster such as bushfire or flooding rains, we will contact every pilgrim via their nominated email in addition to informing radio stations and emergency authorities.

What about accommodation?

Most pilgrims will be keen to pitch a tent or bring a bedroll and sleeping bag. You can let us know whether you will be pitching a tent or seeking covered accommodation when you register as a pilgrim. 

Covered accommodation will be designated for each pilgrim, either at St Mary's Ranelagh or nearby church halls.

Will there be a support vehicle to carry my tent or sleeping gear?


Should I carry water?

Yes, and don’t forget we are walking on Summer days in Tasmania. We will provide some refilling points along the way.

Are there refreshments on the pilgrimage?

A feast will be provided on Friday night at St Marys Ranelagh, as will breakfast the next morning. 

You may purchase a light lunch (vegetarian) for Friday and Saturday. This is provided by local cafes (Slice of Pie, Mountain River and the Summer Kitchen Bakery) at the low price of $12 per lunch. These must be pre-ordered when you register as a pilgrim.

The Committee is arranging for a mobile van to be at the start and at various points along the way and at St Mary's Ranelagh on Friday evening. It will dispense high quality coffee and tea at a moderate price. Some alcoholic beverages will be available on the Friday night. There will be water stations along the way on both days.   

Additionally, at Ranelagh the General Store and the Bakery all provide their own delights.

On Friday night we will also be selling red and white wine and beer in addition to soft drinks and pure water.

How can I pay for memorabilia, coffees and other items?

You will be able to pay for t-shirts, hats and caps with cash on the day. These items will be available at the registration desk at Mountain River. 

You will need cash to pay for coffee and other beverages available along the way and on Friday night at Ranelagh.

Do I pay an entrance fee to the Cygnet Folk Festival?

If you wish to attend any Folk Festival events you will need to book tickets at the Cygnet Folk Festival website. The Festival runs from Friday through to Sunday afternoon. 

How do I get to and from the Pilgrimage?

The pilgrimage will start from the Mountain River Memorial Hall on Friday 12 January at approximately 11.00am (registration from 10.30am). It will conclude at about 5.00pm at St James Church, Cygnet on Saturday 13 January. Many pilgrims will find their own way to the start with the help of friends 'dropping them off’ and will make their way at the end with friends ‘picking them up’. If you are bringing your own car, parking will be provided at St Mary's Church Ranelagh on the Village Green. A shuttle bus can take you to Mountain River for registration and will cost $3 on the day.
However, for those who would like transport to be provided, Roberts Coaches have agreed to provide coaches from Hobart to Mountain River on Friday morning at 9:15am from alongside the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Campbell Street. If you require this service you must register via the website which will include payment of $15.
Then on Saturday evening at approximately 7.00pm, transport will leave from Cygnet to Hobart via Huonville, Ranelagh. If you require this service you must register via the website which will include payment of $15. 

What happens at the end?

Pilgrims will congregate at the Cygnet State Primary School at the end of Saturday’s walk. We will leave at 3.30pm to walk to St James (approx 800m) accompanied by a processional band, playing especially commissioned Spanish music. A Flamenco singer will greet us on the lawns at the front of St James.

A wonderful icon of St James (constructed by staff and students at the School of Art, University of Tasmania) will be carried by pilgrims during the procession!

Pilgrims may then move into St James Church for the final festive ritual and singing.

What about before and after?

The pilgrimage officially begins with registration on Friday morning and finishes at approximately 5:30pm on Saturday. This is the period covered by our insurance policies.

If you are staying over after the pilgrimage finishes, and are not returning to other accommodation in the area, you may pitch a tent on the oval of St James College or put down your bed roll at the Cygnet Sports Centre (where we congregate before the precession), for a small fee .